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Read and Ride


E.L.I.T.E Rules for Read and Ride Exercise Bikes


  • Speak quietly in an “inside voice” while riding the Bikesexercise bikes so others may read or study without being distracted by your conversation.
  • Don’t encourage others to stand around while you ride. For safety reasons, ONLY those people riding bikes should be on or near the bikes. NOBODY should be standing, sitting, or walking around the bike area.
  • Let a media specialist know if anything breaks so she can take care of it.
  • Students may ride on a first-come-first-served basis. If you want to ride the same bike as someone else, negotiate, compromise, or do "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to resolve the situation. (Short bike is on the left, and tall bike is on the right.) Preference will be given to students who are using both the bike to ride and the tray to read or study.
  • Students may ride as long as they wish, unless someone else wants to ride, in which case rides shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes.
  • Return magazines to the shelf, throw away any inserts or loose pages in the trash can, and return books you don’t want to check out to the circulation desk book return.
  • Pedal on a medium setting. Don't adjust the bikes to the easiest setting and pedal too fast. You could get hurt, and it makes it too difficult to read and ride at that pace.
  • HAVE FUN!!! :)


Record minutes and pages: Read & Ride Recording