Student Govenment

Building Great Leaders of Tomorrow!
Airport's Student Government is an organization that builds leaders of the future. We serve and help our students, school, and community.
Student Government instills many character traits, which will impact every life we come in contact with. Elections are held in the Spring and Fall annually. Most of the time our elections for Executive Office and upperclassmen are in Spring. Freshman elections and other available positions will have elections during the fall. 
We accept applications for senators all year round! Senator helps with all event/activities/trips and gain student government experience.
Our organization focuses on planning school events to inspire team spirit and create an enthusiastic and warm atmosphere. We also focused on special projects that encourage the student body to build responsibility around the community that surrounds us. 
The organization is nationally recognized at the state, regional, and national levels.
Student Government Advisor
Activities Director 
Breanna White 
Study Body President