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Vision, Mission, Beliefs



All students see school as their Opportunity.



To prepare Graduates for the Workplace and Citizenship.



  • We believe students learn and succeed in learning environments that facilitate academic, emotional, and social ENGAGEMENT.
  • We believe students will reach their full potential and exhibit LEADERSHIP by engaging in rigorous and innovative learning experiences within the school and community.
  • We believe that life and career characteristics, including work ethic, perseverance, selfless service, and INTEGRITY are critical for studentsā€™ success throughout their lives.
  • We believe through TEAMWORK in a high-performing Professional Learning Community, we can foster success and hold all students accountable for continual growth and development that supports best practices, data analysis, and technology fluency.
  • Through world class knowledge and skills, we will produce citizens who exhibit EMPOWERMENT, graduating Airport High School as independent, well-rounded, productive members of society.