A Note to Airport High School Families

Dear Airport High School families,

Tomorrow begins a new week, but I know events of this past week are still fresh in our minds.


Many of you are struggling -- teachers, students, staff and families -- and you’re looking for answers.  But please understand, South Carolina law prohibits us from discussing details of personnel matters, and an investigation is ongoing.


But here’s what I can tell you -- as devastating as events of the past week have been, Airport High School will endure and thrive.  It is in the most difficult of times that we often show our true strength and character.  Supporting each other is more important than ever.


Monday, we will have extra counselors on hand at Airport. We will have administrators from the district office on campus periodically during the week. CR Hall, a former Airport faculty member herself and now point person in the principal’s absence, always has her door open -- as does Superintendent Dr. William James.


Airport High School is a pillar of this community, and your child’s education and well-being there are our priorities. Please know that we will do everything in our power to support that.