Attention 11th graders

Dear Parents or Guardians,


Your 11th grade student has the opportunity to take either the ACT® or the SAT® one time at no cost, paid for by the state. The ACT and the SAT are college entrance exams used by some colleges and universities in admitting students.

Taking either test is optional. These tests will be administered during the school day. In order for students to be best prepared to take the ACT, the student should be currently enrolled in or have completed at least three units of English (English 1 and higher); three units of mathematics (Algebra 2 and higher); two units of science (Biology 1 and Physics); and two units of social studies. There is not a list of courses to be enrolled in or to have completed before taking the SAT, but the test company recommends that students be juniors in their spring semester. These college readiness assessments should be discussed during the student’s annual Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meeting.

If your student does not take the ACT or SAT during the 11th grade, if state funds are available, the student can take one of these tests in 12th grade, at no cost, paid by the state.

If you feel your student is prepared and want your 11th grader to take either the ACT or the SAT at no charge, please complete the attached form indicating your choice.   If you do not want your 11th grader to take either exam, please indicate that on the form.

This form is due back to the guidance office by November 20, 2020.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your student's counselor. 

Adrienne Maybank
Assistant Principal of Instruction