Technology Survey Results are in!

October 2, 2020
Dear Lexington Two Parents/Guardians and Students:  
In response to the feedback we have received from students, staff, and parents, Lexington Two has worked to create a more centralized method of receiving Technology Help Desk tickets that we hope will be a better process to best respond or address them.  The district's new Help Desk can be found here or at .   Access to this site will also be made available on the district homepage and each school's homepage by the end of today.
A goal of creating this Help Desk is to best direct the need for assistance to the correct parties in order for there to be a timely and meaningful response.  That is why there are eight (8) categories, and these categories are either the most frequently identified in terms of individuals needing assistance or the district is attempting to be proactive in.
This Technology Help Desk site will also help the district in better collecting data on issues our stakeholders are experiencing, and this data will be used to create additional resources or learning opportunities, to identify trends, and to be responsive and proactive in software upgrades and overall maintenance.  To be clear, all Technology Help Desk tickets must be submitted through this Help Desk, because it is set up to properly filter the tickets and direct them to the appropriate department or individual to address.   After a couple weeks, we will re-evaluate the process, adapt if needed, and communicate any significant changes.  
Thank you for your initial feedback, and thank you for your future use of the Technology Help Desk.  The district is continuing to work on other efforts to address needs and concerns already provided by many of you and hope to have additional information in the coming weeks.