Students previously took the HSAP assessment during their 10th grade year and were required to pass both the LEA and Math portions to receive a high school diploma. You might remember that the State changed this requirement last year and have also changed the assessments. This year, ALL 11th graders or third year HS students will take the ACT and the WorkKeys assessments. Click HERE for more information on the changes. 

The ACT will be given on Tuesday, April 28th and the WorkKeys will be given on Wednesday, April 29th.

*Students will be able to report their composite scores to colleges and scholarships from this FREE assessment.

 ACT    Test Dates Testing Time in Minutes Number of Items Types of Questions
 ACT English Tuesday, April 28 45 75 MC
 ACT Math Tuesday, April 2860 60 MC
 ACT Reading Tuesday, April 28 35 40 MC
 ACT Science Tuesday, April 28 35 40 MC
 ACT Writing Tuesday, April 28 30 1 Writing Prompt
 ACT Make-up Tuesday, May 12                                                                                        

 WorkKeys Test Dates Testing Times in Minutes Number of Items Types of Items
 Reading for InformationWednesday, April 29  45 33 MC
 Applied MathematicsWednesday, April 29 45 33 MC
Locating Information Wednesday, April 29  45 38 MC
 WorkKeys Make-upWednesday, May 13