Program Goal:

The goal of the AHS Early College Program is to bridge the gap and close the pipeline to post secondary school for students. Many of today's jobs require a two year degree or certification. Our goal is to support our students through the process of college while still in high school. Ultimately, we want our students to have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s degree from Midlands Technical College while they earn their high school diploma.


Students must meet all requirements for admission to Midlands Technical College. This includes passing scores on the COMPASS writing, reading, and math assessments. The writing assessment consists of a handwritten essay, while the reading and math assessments are computer based. (See “Application Process.")

Students must also be in good standing (academic-at least a “B” average, attendance, discipline) with Airport High School.

Students who have participated in the Early College Program previously must be in good standing with the program. This includes: must have made at least a “C” in all previous MTC courses; must not have excessive absences; and/or must not have dropped an Early College course during a previous semester.


Students who are selected to participate in the Early College Program during the 2016-17 school year will receive a “Letter of Course Enrollment” from Dr. Brooks by Friday, April 29, 2016, stating the courses they have been assigned to take on the Airport High School campus based on the following:

  • courses requested by the student,

  • the block the student is available to take courses,

  • the courses available during that block,

  • and, the courses the student is  eligible to take based on their COMPASS test scores and pre-requisite course requirements.

Students must commit to take the course(s) listed in their letters of by the end of the school day on Wednesday, May 4th, by returning their signed letter (with both the student’s and parent/guardian’s signature) to Mrs. Torres or Ms. Bledsoe in the Guidance Office. Students who have been placed on a waiting list for any course will be given the opportunity to fill any spaces that come open starting at 9 am the following day.

Each student who enrolls in the Early College courses must be committed to participate for the entire semester/year. Courses that are offered on the Airport High School campus are limited. Many students who request to participate in the program are not able to participate due to limited seats in the classes, etc. Students who commit to take an early College course will not be allowed to drop an Early College course after the date indicated on their “Letter of Course Enrollment” without penalty. If a student drops a course, he/she will be required to pay back the cost of tuition and books (including scholarship awards and Lottery Tuition Assistance paid on the student’s behalf).